About Playmates
deez r ryad guilde. In all seriousness tho, Playmates was formed as an alternative semi hardcore raiding guild on Haomarush, focusing on efficient raiding, where team matters more than individuals. It is our belief that bosskills and progress in general, both comes from a combined effort. If its SSC or Hyjal Summit, players will excell at playing, beeing best and competing. Without a core of players, the first goal we are set to reach is finding the 25-30 raiders who wants to be there, on time, prepared and willing to spend their raiding time, actually _raiding_. Where so many guilds take easy on farm content, this is not the case here. Playmates will work as a group to reach bosskills and farm content for gearing up their characters to preform optimal, while having fun. Our raiding is quite strict, and sometimes when the heat is turned up, insults or varranted remarks will be placed on individual preformances. It is, however, very important to recognize, that raiding is raiding, and while there might be harsh comments during said events, we are all in all a good gang afterwards.
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